Heater Core


For most of us, the first indication that our car’s heater core is leaking is when we turn on our defroster and the windshield gets foggier instead of clearing up. Regular service should reveal a loss of engine coolant (which is what runs through the heater core to get it hot) before it becomes a serious problem. A heater core looks like your car’s radiator (only smaller) and is generally located under the dashboard behind the glovebox and passenger airbag. Hot engine coolant is pumped back to the heater core by your car’s water pump. As the hot coolant (Yes, it sounds like an oxymoron) flows through the heater core, your heater blower blows air through the fins on the heater core, heating the air for distribution into the cabin of the car. If your think you have a problem with your heater core, call for an appointment today and we will inspect your vehicle and give you a solid estimate for your repair.